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BLIS Takes Human Error Out of Blind Spot Checks

Ever since you first got your learner's permit, you have always been taught to look over your shoulder to make sure there's nothing in your blind spot before changing lanes. With years of experience checking your blind spots, do you really need a computer to do it for you?

A Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) doesn't replace the need to use your own eyes to confirm your blind spot is clear—but it does help remove human error.

How many times have you checked your blind spot and been surprised to find a truck there? You expected…

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How to Identify You Have a Failing Car Battery

The batteries in the cars of today have to power so much more than in years gone by. The car battery not only cranks the engine, it runs the stereo, all the lighting, navigation system, and charging stations. To be able to identify the warning signs of a failing battery will help you to get the problem resolved before you are stranded.

Failing battery signs:
  • There is a strong odor emitting from the car battery compartment.
  • The engine appears to be weaker when turning over.
  • Headlights are dim when the engine turns over each morning.
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Important Tips to Address Before Embarking on a Road Trip

It doesn't matter if you are driving cross state to a wedding or across the country on a vacation, safety tips addressed before you leave will have a huge positive impact on the journey.

Our service station has found these to be the most common safety issues drivers neglect before any road trip.

Bring a roll of duct table, it can be used to patch leaking hoses or repair damage to the exterior.

Put a box in the trunk with a flashlight, road flares, socket set, water bottles, and empty gas can.

Change the wiper blades so you can…
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Eco-Friendly Ford C-Max

Swing by our showroom and test drive the 2017 Ford C-Max. It has an excellent fuel economy of 42 city/38 highway miles per gallon. This car is both great for the eco system and fun to drive. It has a combined gas engine and all electric mode that allows the car to reach 85 miles per hour. It's perfect for the family that is always on the go. With 24.5 cubic feet behind the second row seats in the C-Max Hybrid, there is plenty of room to store your luggage in the back for a quick weekend…
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Get it Done with the 2017 Ford Explorer

So you're shopping for a sport utility vehicle. You want something that will not only fit in with your active lifestyle, but will also be a reliable choice for everyday things like hauling the family on vacation, taking the kids to school, or just running errands like grocery shopping. Look no further because you have found your next vehicle in the 2017 Ford Explorer.

With a powerful 3.5 liter V6 engine under the hood and a maximum towing capacity of 5,000 pounds, hauling supplies from the hardware store or towing your power boat or jet ski are…
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We Can Help Keep You Safely on the Road

It can be easy to forget how much is going on under the hood of your car as you use it daily. You get in, start your car and drive away time and time again with no issues. While modern day cars are incredibly dependable, they still need routine maintenance to ensure the reliability and safety that you and your family depend on.

The owner's manual of your car details the routine maintenance that your vehicle needs to keep running smoothly without causing you problems or costly repairs...

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The Contemporary Interior of the 2017 Ford Transit Connect Provides the Driver with Comfort when Sitting for Long Periods Behind the Wheel

The 2017 Ford Transit Connect provides the business-person with a nice modern interior. The instruments and controls of the vehicle are ergonomic in nature. There is a standard tachometer and trip computer offered. The offered cruise control feature and tilting steering wheel are other standard and appreciated features of the 2017 Ford Transit Connect. There are a good many places, too, to store small items. There is storage provided in the first row of the 2017 Ford Transit Connect...

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