BLIS Takes Human Error Out of Blind Spot Checks

Ever since you first got your learner's permit, you have always been taught to look over your shoulder to make sure there's nothing in your blind spot before changing lanes. With years of experience checking your blind spots, do you really need a computer to do it for you?

A Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) doesn't replace the need to use your own eyes to confirm your blind spot is clear—but it does help remove human error.

How many times have you checked your blind spot and been surprised to find a truck there? You expected it to be clear, and had to swerve back into your lane just in time to avoid an accident! With BLIS, your car's sensors are constantly monitoring your blind spots, and you can see a warning light when there is something there. No more surprise trucks, no more near-misses.

Visit Beck Ford Lincoln to learn which of our new vehicles are available with BLIS!

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