How to Identify You Have a Failing Car Battery

The batteries in the cars of today have to power so much more than in years gone by. The car battery not only cranks the engine, it runs the stereo, all the lighting, navigation system, and charging stations. To be able to identify the warning signs of a failing battery will help you to get the problem resolved before you are stranded.

Failing battery signs:
  • There is a strong odor emitting from the car battery compartment.
  • The engine appears to be weaker when turning over.
  • Headlights are dim when the engine turns over each morning.
  • Interior lighting flickers when car is running.
  • Your car needs to be jump-started more each week.
  • The car battery casing is swollen.
  • The check-engine light that was flickering on and off stays on all the time now.
Come on down to the service station and our auto techs will inspect the battery and replace it if needed.
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