The SYNC software that keeps giving

The SYNC feature in the Ford F-150 is a next-generation smart system install that enables interaction with the car operations. The function is vital in performing remote actions without even turning your head. For those who use Siri on their phone, you are going to love it in your Ford F-150. The SYNC Connect is accessible to every phone when you install the FordPass app in the play store. The SYNC feature lets you warm your Ford F-150 remotely, even the hair lift.

The SYNC feature has a navigation system that can guide you to your favorite restaurant during your busy day. The other useful feature is the complimentary 911 Assist that will connect whenever there has been an accident. The call goes directly to your properly connected cell phone without the need for a go-between assistance.

For a test drive and a chance to experience the system, visit us at Beck Ford Lincoln in Palatka, FL.

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